English 12 Course Outline

29/06/2010 10:33


    English 12 Course Outline
  Sullivan Heights Secondary



Ms Garr



Required Materials: Binder, dividers, pocket dictionary, pens, pencils and post-it notes.


Prescribed Learning Outcomes for English 12:

collect, refine, and use evidence to explain  and support personal and critical responses, analyses, and interpretations of texts

select and apply strategies to construct, monitor, extend, and confirm meaning before, during, and after listening, reading, and viewing and to consider author’s craft

select and apply strategies to develop, organize, revise, and publish written, visual, and oral communications

use metacognitive strategies to reflect on and assess speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing and representing

use the features, structures, patterns, and context language to make meaning from what is heard, read, and viewed to appreciate the

author’s craft

use features, structures, and conventions of language to enhance meaning, artistry, coherence, and unity in written and spoken communications

interact with others to explore, understand, and create ideas and texts and deepen understanding

select and read a variety of texts for enjoyment and to increase fluency

listen, read, and view literary, information,  and visual texts to comprehend, analyse, and synthesize ideas, attending to bias, perspectives, voice, context, author’s logic, quality of evidence, and coherence

create personal and critical oral and written communications and representations with clearly developed ideas that connect experiences, ideas, opinions, and feelings

speak, write, and represent information, persuasive, narrative, poetic, and descriptive texts to communicate and critique ideas and information with a clear purpose and form

speak, write, and represent to interpret, analyse, evaluate, and synthesize ideas and information, attending to bias, perspectives, voice, context, author’s logic, quality of evidence, and coherence



Students read and analyze Nineteen Eighty Four. Students will study character analysis, literary devices, and theme.

Also, we will complete a LITERATURE CIRCLES unit that focuses on journal response and small group discussion.


Short Stories:  Booklet

Selected stories are read, with emphasis on the elements of the short story, character analysis and thematic interpretation.


Poetry:  Discovering Poetry: Students continue to learn new poetic devices, read a variety of selected poems and interpret various poems.


Drama: Students read and study Hamlet, prefaced by a brief overview of the political, social and religious context.


Composition: The writing process and the structure of the formal essay are reviewed. The narrative essay is further developed. Along with integration into all units, students will complete both impromptu and process writing with an emphasis on self and peer editing and assessment/feedback.


Course Requirements and Expectations:


All students are expected to:

* Attend ALL classes!

* Come to class on time with the necessary materials.

* Complete all assignments and homework on time. All assignments are an integral part of successfully completing required learning outcomes.

* Treat other with respect and courtesy.

* Be an active and engaged learner.

*  At the start of class, check the front board for the day’s agenda.

* No cell phones, MP3 players etc. are allowed in class. They will be confiscated, and will need to be picked up in the office by a parent.








Students’ overall letter grade is based on various assessment procedures.

*Oral assignments: 10%

*Impromptu Writing/Reading/Viewing: 15%

* Process Writing/Reading/Viewing: 15%

* Summative Assessments 20%

* Government Exam 40%


In the event that there is a significant discrepancy between the skills demonstrated by a student on work done in class and work done out of class, the student’s in class work will constitute their over-all evaluation. Questionable out of class samples may be disregarded.


Student Signature: Parent/Guardian Signature:

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Parent email contact for mark updates/communication: _______________________________________





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