Reading Shakespeare

22/07/2010 18:18

Remember, if you are struggling to read a Shakespearean play on your own, trying reading it aloud with some friends. By taking on roles, and hearing the language out loud, you will have a greater engagement with the play. Plays are not meant to be read like books and can be dry and tedious if read that way. Also, watching a film version of the play can enhance your understanding, but don't assume that the film version is true to the original play. Directors often cut or add material for dramatic effect. Better yet, go to a live performance of a play. Bard on the Beach has several excellent plays on until the end of September. If you are a bit leary, start with a comedy and work your way into Shakespeare's tragedies. I recently saw Much Ado About Nothing which was a great production! Remember that ultimately, Shakespeare sought to entertain and engage his audiences, and so approach his plays with that in mind!


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