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05/01/2015 21:02
English 11 & 12 Blog Interviews begin the week of January 12th.English 11 & 12 Literature Circle Journals due Monday January 26th.English 11 final exam Wednesday January 28th.English 12 Provincial Exam Monday Feb. 2nd 8:30am.
26/08/2013 13:24
  Ms Garr Email: Twitter: @teachergarr Web site: (for homework updates etc.) Blog: Phone:...
01/03/2012 12:18
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04/01/2011 11:09
 The English 12 Provincial Exam is on Tuesday January 25th at 9am. Be sure that you are at the school at 8:30 with pens, pencils, liquid paper and a highlighter. No electronic devices are allowed in the exam, so leave phones etc. at home!
29/11/2010 10:29
 Portfolios will be due January 12th for English 11 and January 13th for English 12. Be sure you are making good use of our weekly Portfolio blocks.
03/11/2010 10:40
  Want a fun way to build your vocabulary? Go to and see what level you can get to. Learn new words and donate rice at the same time!   For more advanced vocabulary and concepts, check out:
06/10/2010 00:00
The AP English Literature and Composition Exam is on May 5th 2011 at 8am!
22/07/2010 18:18
Remember, if you are struggling to read a Shakespearean play on your own, trying reading it aloud with some friends. By taking on roles, and hearing the language out loud, you will have a greater engagement with the play. Plays are not meant to be read like books and can be dry and tedious if read...
29/06/2010 10:39
 Revised: May 2006 SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY Department of English Style Guide  (Based on the MLA Style Guide)  The SFU Department of English (like English departments at most universities in North America) requires all work to follow formatting...
29/06/2010 10:34
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